Tennis Tiebreak Debuts at US Open


US Open pic
US Open

As chairman and chief executive officer of joint venture capital group Accredited Ventures, Inc., Steve Kanzer has established and served in various leadership capacities at dozens of companies. Away from his work in investment banking, Steve Kanzer enjoys staying active through tennis.

In 1970 the US Open became the first major tennis tournament to make use of tiebreak scoring. Prior to the event, all sets of professional men’s and women’s tennis were played under advantage scoring, meaning players had to secure six games with a two-game margin. Following these rules, a set could range from a scoreline of 6-0 to 12-10 or higher. With the introduction of the tiebreak, players knotted at six games all would enter into a sudden-death situation that awarded the set to the first player to win seven points, assuming a two-point margin has been achieved.

A number of tiebreaks were played at the 1970 US Open, none more memorable than a third-set breaker during the men’s final between Tony Roche and Ken Rosewall. With the match tied at one set apiece, Roche and Rosewall contested the first ever tiebreak in a major final. Rosewall won the tiebreak and went on to win the next set 6-3, claiming his second US Open title and first in 14 years. Five years later the US Open approved tiebreak scoring in all sets, including decisive sets, for both men and women.


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