Wakeboarding Combines Several Sports for Aquatic Athletics

Wakeboarding pic
Image: adventure.howstuffworks.com

For more than 15 years, Steve Kanzer has led Accredited Ventures, Inc. of New York City as its chairman and CEO. In this current position, Mr. Kanzer maintains a life-science focused venture capital group. Under his direction, the company has been able to extend its services to universities across the country, assisting with life-science technology licensing. Just as his professional capacities remain comprehensive, Steve Kanzer enjoys a variety of activities outside the office. One of his favorite sports is wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding, similar to water skiing, includes elements of multiple seasonal sports like snowboarding and alpine skiing. Wakeboarding involves one board instead of two skis and uses a maximum boat speed of 19 miles-per-hour. This exciting sport teaches the participant to ride the wake of a boat and involves a tow boat operated at a slower speed than traditional waterskiing.

Here are three important safety tips each wakeboarder should learn for preparedness and caution. One of the first things to learn is how to properly distribute and balance weight because both feet are strapped to the board and weight distribution changes from front to back as the rider stands up. By learning to properly distribute weight, wakeboarders improve their control and minimize accidents. Additionally, riders should be sure to wear life vests or other personal flotation devices. In order to ensure maximum safety when riding, wakeboarding should only be practiced in clear weather and in water that is free of floating objects or debris.


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